Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why does the GOP have suicidal impulses?

I realize the title might be an exaggeration, but I don't think that the GOP will be able to recover until it learns to quit volunteering its own defeat. What am I referring to?

How about Senator Orrin Hatch co-sponsoring a bill to subvert the constitution and give the Dems another guaranteed vote in the House.

The complete disregard for the Constitution is bad enough, but Sen. Hatch's pure stupidity on this issue is infuriating. In exchange for giving Washington D.C. a voting Representative in the House, Utah will be given an extra Representative. But get this, the Utah vote will be contingent on the results of the 2010 census. So in other words, Hatch is trading the Constitution, and a perennial Democratic seat in Congress for a 4th Utah Representative that chances are they will get in less than two years anyway! Furthermore, the seat could actually be taken away from Utah based on Obama and Rahmbo's impending shenanigans with the 2010 census! So in reality all that Hatch is getting is an extra guaranteed seat for a little over 1 year!

This absolutely blows my mind. With the Senate this close and Orrin Hatch selling out (along with fellow GOP turncoats Sen. Spector, Snowe, Maine and others) this bill will pass. The only hope left is for the Supreme Court to add some sanity to the situation and strike this down as unconstitutional.

I'm starting to think the GOP are the Detroit Lions of American politics . . . they are simply averse to winning.


  1. Many Repulblicans are currently afraid to speak out, fearing that they will be called racist. They are not so much adverse to winning as overly adverse to losing-- which makes little difference in the outcome.
    The Washington DC bill is a bit mystifying. I would guess that he means to use this to increase his personal relevancy with the Dems and the Obama Admin. and perhaps assumes it will be struck down in the Supreme Court.

  2. Commissioner--well stated and welcome to the blogosphere!

    Hatch's co-conspiracy in subverting the Constitution really makes one wonder what is going on. Perhaps in this case it is just a case of a rat leaving a sinking ship. Maybe Hatch has concluded that the Republican Party doesn't have a prayer and will make whatever trades he sees as necessary to retain his power.

  3. Thanks Quite Rightly,

    This is really a tough one to figure out. You may be right, one of the few reasons that makes any sense is blind personal ambition. I think the take away lesson is the corrupting influence of Washington.

    Another possible explanation is the desire for approval. The need to be liked and accepted is a powerful force, that has long been the Achilles heel of conservative politicians.