Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Media Malpractice

It is absolutely amazing that the Administration is busy promoting a budget that could likely destroy the economic foundation of our nation and yet the press is still stuck on Governor Palin's election wardrobe. ran an Associate Press article today with the headline: "Palin's Husband Says Lavish Spending on Campaign Wardrobe 'Out of Control'." The kicker is that the headline apparently misquotes Todd Palin. The real quote came in the second paragraph of the article, (which I doubt many people actually care enough about to read). So what did Todd Palin really say? He told the Men's Journal that the Governor's wardrobe was "out of our control" (emphasis added). A very different meaning from just one missing word. I'm crossing my fingers that this was a simple typo, but I've seen too much of this media malpractice to have any doubts it was intentional.

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