Monday, March 2, 2009

The Horrifying Catastrophe that is Socialized Medicine (read universal health care)

What we have to look forward to with Obama's plan for socialized medicine, according to the Associated Press:

A 69-year-old Japanese man injured in a traffic accident died after paramedics spent more than an hour negotiating with 14 hospitals before finding one to admit him . . .

. . . . because the hospitals said they could not accept him, citing a lack of specialists, equipment, beds and staff

It was the latest in a string of recent cases in Japan in which patients were denied treatment, underscoring the country's health care wo
es that include a shortage of doctors.

. . . .

More than 14,000 emergency patients were rejected at least three times by Japanese hospitals before getting treatment in 2007, according to the latest government survey. In the worst case, a woman in her 70s with a breathing problem was rejected 49 times in Tokyo.

So, if you believe "free"*, health insurance is more important than available and quality health care, press on towards a socialist paradise. No matter how Obama tries to frame his plan for socialized health care, he can't skirt the basic laws of economics. Socialism has failed every time and way it has been tried.

*Nothing in life is free. Especially when other people have to work to provide it for you.


  1. Right you are! The people so anxious for so-called "universal" health care haven't thought it through. They think that they'll be getting prompt, convenient, state-of-the-art medical care from highly competent smart people who got their degrees from U.S. medical schools. Are they in for a surprise!

  2. I was discussing Health care with a liberal doctor who actually told me that the problem with our health care system is to many specialists. He said the government needs to force doctors to become general practitioners, admitting that quality of care would be sacrificed for quantity of care. The saddest part, he didn't realize that once the government is forcing people into underpaid practice areas there won't even be quantity of care, because they will stop going into the profession all together.