Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Just Doesn't Get It.

President Obama became the first sitting President to ever go on The Tonight Show. What the President doesn't seem to understand is that he is no longer on the campaign trail running for office. He won already. The Tonight Show is pushing it for a Presidential Candidate, but for a sitting President in the midst of an economic crisis, two wars, and a budget disaster threatening the nation with insolvency, it is just plain tacky. Although, we shouldn't be surprised that a man who has never actually ran anything other than his own campaigns, would have any clue what to do as leader of the free world. Obama has essentially spent his entire political career running for office rather than actually accomplishing anything for his constituents.

It is still shocking; however, that the President doesn't feel the need to at least try to respect the hallowed office that he holds. From using his inaugural address for rank political attacks on his predecessor, to disrespecting a visiting head of state, to making an appearances on a late night comedy show, Obama clearly has no respect for the historical prestige of his position, or is simply incapable of filling the role. Wake Up Mr. President! The American People are sick of seeing their leader denigrate the office of the President. Nixon, Carter, and Clinton were enough embarrassment for us in one century. (Carter for his post presidential antics).

So there is no mistake, it's not just the Tonight Show appearance that I'm upset about, (I like Jay Leno) its the way that the President has abandoned the dignity of the office, by waging an unrelenting political campaign from the oval office, rather than embracing his role as the leader of America.

Note: Also, can anyone imagine the self-righteous outrage that would have erupted from the media, if Bush had disparaged the Special Olympics on national television?

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